How To Become A Digital Minimalist

'Digital Minimalism' is an increasingly popular buzzword in the age of rampant tech addiction. We likely all resonate with the idea that our relationship to technology impacts our lives, and not always for the better. Yet, when your entire world can be accessed via your smartphone, it can be hard to begin to disconnect and course-correct in any meaningful way.

As a health coach, I work with clients on changing habits in order to increase their well-being. In recent years, I have found myself not just working with clients on the usual health habits but increasingly supporting my clients to upgrade their tech habits.

I became interested in the idea of “digital wellness” when I noticed that, often, the biggest barrier to the traditional wellness goals (sleep, movement, stress reduction, and improving social connections) was my clients’ addiction to their devices.

Over the years, I’ve developed concrete strategies for cultivating a healthier relationship with technology that will improve your focus, cognition, and overall health.

Tips below.