The essential ingredients that lead to health are not rocket science. In fact, the lifestyle suggestions that can create profound changes in energy levels, vitality, and wellness are actually shockingly basic and simple. Most people already know exactly what they need to be doing. And yet, the reality is that most people don’t consistently do these things.

Yes, we all know getting sleep is vital for everything from weight management to optimal brain function but the tricky part is how YOU, with your unique psychology, lifestyle, and values are going to create a sleep habit that is realistic and effortless given the context of your daily life. It is at this juncture, between what you know you WANT to be doing and the REALITY of what you are doing, where a coach can be incredibly valuable in closing the gap. By working with a coach you’ll develop the key skills and habits needed to create a lifetime of health.

New habits are built over time by running a series of experiments. Each week, you’ll be trying mini-experiments, eventually figuring out the unique formula and set of daily actions that will lead to a sense of consistent well-being. You are the expert in what is realistic given the constraints of your life and the coach is the expert on how successful behavior change occurs. Working together, you are able to finally creating lasting change and build the framework for a healthy lifestyle that happen automatically through easy to implement daily habits.


  • Stress Management and Self-care

  • Weight Management and Blood Sugar Balance

  • Sleep Issues

  • Women’s health and hormonal imbalances

  • Fatigue and mood issues

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Simplifying nutrition, increasing physical activity, and general healthy habit formation.



Step 1: Get started with a complimentary phone consultation. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and determine the best way to collaborate in order to achieve your goals. To get on my schedule, contact me here. 

Cost: free  

Step 2: Depending on where you are in your health journey, I’ll recommend a coaching package. Before our first session, I’ll connect with Dr Abraham so I have a picture of your current health concerns and your treatment plan. I’ll also have you fill out an additional health history and goal sheet so I’m fully aware of your current lifestyle patterns. This will guide us in crafting a game plan for you to achieve your goals in a realistic and sustainable manner.

Step 3: During your initial visit, we’ll review your current lifestyle patterns, your desired outcomes, and create a crystal clear plan for achieving your goals. At this time, we’ll schedule our weekly follow-up sessions and create a plan of action. You’ll leave every session with clear set of action steps to implement before we meet again. After every session, I’ll also give you some additional resources catered to your needs that will augment the experience.

I'm currently offering health coaching to Dr. Abraham's clients via Skype or phone. Learn more about my coaching packages here.