Intuitive Guidance Sessions are an interactive spiritual resource that offers supportive guidance for your unique path. 

Doing the Intuitive Guidance session with Tara left me with the same blissed-out feeling I might get after a great yoga class, combined with the mental clarity & shift in perspective that naturally comes from several sessions with a therapist. I went into the reading without knowing anything about the intuitive readings, or having a strong belief in this system, but found that in spite of this, the session was extremely helpful. Tara is very nurturing & helps to present supportive & affirming guidance in a very accessible way. While intuitive readings don’t necessarily align with my current spiritual beliefs or practices, I’m excited to keep working with Tara as I make major life decisions, heal past wounds, & navigate new and old relationships.
— S.Z., Washington D.C.

What a Reading Looks Like

With loving support and personal guidance, I work with your akashic records, energy and guides to channel supportive insight, guidance and wisdom for your own evolution. Meaning from the level of the Soul can be explored, and we begin to understand the deeper reasons for the people and situations in our lives. If spiritual language is incompatible with your world view, the records can be viewed as a tool to get in direct contact with your higher, wise self - the part of you that is eternally creative, expansive and loving.

An intuitive guidance session expands your view of what is possible and can put you in deeper contact with your higher purpose and vision for your life. Using my background in coaching, I then help you make practical changes to bring that vision to fruition by grounding it in your daily life.

Sessions are $125 and conducted over the phone.

My [Intuitive Guidance] session with Tara was uplifting & informative. Although you are tapping into the spirit realm in her session, she made it very practical & grounded to who I am & what I needed. She is a clear channel for this kind of work, & it felt so good to receive her insights. It was light-hearted, & the information that came through really resonated & helped me feel connected, guided & supported on my path. I can’t wait for my next one!
— A. Rizzolo, Yoga Teacher and Healer, Brooklyn, NY



I have known Tara McCoy since 2010. Along my personal journey, I have found very few professionals with Tara’s skills. She has an innate talent to blend vast personal knowledge, empathy, practical tools, personal connection, spiritual depth & holistic health approaches together in a way to profoundly affect each client. Tara starts right where the client is in their process. I recently had an Intuitive Guidance session with her that blew me away. She helped me uncover many old patterns & old beliefs that were not working in my present life. Tara was able to gently guide me to replace these old tapes with new ones. I left my session very inspired, with an increased awareness about myself & practical tools to use along the way to achieve my goals. Tara is a bright gem to be found!
— Suzann Prokosch, M.A. Spiritual Life Coach

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